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Quote Of The Day By James R. Sherman

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Eddington’s Arrow of Time – describing the one-way direction (or asymmetry) of time – says that things in the real world can never be fully reversed. Unlike in the microscopic world, where things tend to behave a little differently, our world is governed by an obvious flow of time.

A drop of ink can instantly spoil an entire glass of water. Reversing the process would take far more energy and resources than it took to cause it, not to mention more time. The obvious solution

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Quote of the Day by Susan Erz

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Ever heard of cryonics? Sure you have. The sci-fi genre is filled with references to the practice, and there are even documentaries describing the low-temperature preservation procedure that several (dead) people have already undergone with hopes that they will be revived in the future.

Immortality is something we seem desperate to attain. Many of our scientific endeavors seek to find ways to stop the aging process, but also to transcend ourselves digitally. We’re probably on the right track, too. But what we do with ourselves when we get there is a question left unanswered. This famous quote by British novelist Susan Erz echoes it best

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Quote of the Day by Cormac McCarthy

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There’s a theory according to which we’re all part of a big Multiverse, where every new event sparks a new reality / a parallel Universe, leaving behind an infinite number of other potential outcomes, with just as many potential futures lying ahead. Personally, I don’t care for it.

It’s not that I don’t believe in it. I do. But I choose to ignore it. Our existence on this Earth is physical, and physical objects live in the now. The choices that we make are just that – choices. We are solely responsible with measuring the good-to-bad ratio of the outcome. Nature doesn’t seem to care. In this respect, novelist Cormac McCarthy once quipped:

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Quote of the day by Kurt Vonnegut

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Humanity is technological by definition. From flint-made tools to the smartphone, humans have always been drawn to invent and discover. But you never hear about technology in old writings.

This rubbed Kurt Vonnegut the wrong way. The American writer and humorist believed that literature, especially novels, should include all aspects of life as we know it, not just events unfolding page by page.

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Quote of the Day by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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People with thick accents aren’t exactly well liked. Especially those who really cripple a language trying to convey their thoughts verbally to others. But according to H. Jackson Brown Jr., it’s not something to criticize.

I laughed when I read this:

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