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6 Ways to Maintain a Remote Work Life Balance

In the past year, more people have started working from home than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic closed down businesses and many of those still standing strong are now working remotely. While most people are happy to work from the comfort of their own home, it also makes it difficult to separate work from personal life. In US, no less than 7 in 10 remote employees are struggling to achieve a healthy remote work life balance during this pandemic.

Ways to Maintain a Remote Work Life Balance

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How to Organize Your Workspace for Maximum Productivity

As a knowledge worker, you likely spend your hours glued to a computer screen, scour tons of tips and articles on how to get more done and raise the bar for productivity. While at it, give this a thought – did you know that where you work could be a big factor that decides how efficient and productive you will be?
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