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Company Culture – 3 Ways To Know If You’re Culture Fit

Company culture is a lot of things, put together by a shared history. A co-developed tradition which defines the personality of an organization. Company cultures draws upon a lot of things, while affecting them at the same time. It draws from the work environment, yet influences it. It starts with founders, yet ultimately affects them. The list could go on. Company culture is the personality of your company.
Company Culture and How to Know If You're a Culture Fit

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Why Companies Should Focus More on Achieving Happiness at Work

Happiness at work has been a trendy topic for quite some time now. Everyone is curious, even nervous about it. From companies to scientists and employees. There is an abundance of studies and articles that draw quite a picture. Some argue that happiness at work can even make or break your business. Others find that it’s all inconclusive.
In fact, companies with happy employees score better

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