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Team Dynamics Is More Than Finding the Right Mix of People

Team dynamics are, in essence, processes and behaviors transpiring among team members. Team dynamics have a profound, albeit subtle impact. They influence both team performance and overall productivity. Indeed, the key dynamics of any team stem from roles and responsibilities. But it goes deeper than that. This guide covers team dynamics at length. To that end, we will follow both theory and practice over a series of articles. Even more, each article in this series offers actionable tips.

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The Teamwork Guide: How to Be a Better Team Player (Part 3)

Team players always focus on team efforts. And teamwork and productivity go hand in hand. When every team member does a brilliant job, the overall results will match. And it’s our job to make sure we accommodate the team.
Even romantic relationships can be difficult to find and develop. And those typically involve 2 people. Recruiting, onboarding and developing a team member can be even more difficult. Firstly, there are many more people involved. Secondly, the incentives and end goals are different. Lastly, the strategy may or may not be based on exclusivity.
Truth be told, teams go through a long and difficult process to ensure the “right fit.” And that’s why teamwork doesn’t just happen. And it’s not too much to ask for a team player to step up and meet the team level. It might sound surprising. But today being “good at teams” is still a skill.
Teamwork Guide: How to Be a Better Team Player

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s List of Productivity Hacks (Part 3)

Most entrepreneurs are quick to experience fatigue. It’s only natural. There are simply so many decisions to make. Anything can go wrong, anytime. And some days are plain awful. Some days you might want to shut everything down. And move somewhere and fish for a living. Or fix fishing nets.
It is the work. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work. And everything about that work is special. You deal with countless items every day. Product, strategy, development, marketing. New markets, optimizing. Or too much optimizing.
Productivity hacks are not a cheat. Instead, think of them as an enhancement to your productivity. A regular working experience has certain limitations. Entrepreneurship does not.
Productivity hacks for smart entrepreneurs

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s List of Productivity Hacks (Part 2)

Productivity is a key issue for entrepreneurs. It has grown as an issue along with the number of startups. And the knowledge base on productivity is growing. Along with it, so is confusion. There are claims that the 6-hour workday is optimal. Others put in 60 hours of work every week and go on city breaks in weekends.
The world is crazy for enhancing productivity. Why? Maybe it’s because we’re so far from where we started. And we cannot reconcile our current success. Or maybe it is standard greed. We want more. And when you want more, you know what to do. Increase productivity. Or maybe we’re scared that in the future 80% of jobs will be lost to AI. It’s still productivity that we’ll be concerned with then.
Productivity hacks for smart entrepreneurs

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For Meetings with a Clear Outcome, Try These 4 Improv Rules

All meetings are much like performance shows where people come in and take their usual roles. There’s always someone who monopolizes the conversation and couldn’t care less about your agenda, the typical colleague who never speaks up, or the one who would literally agree to anything you say, right? That’s because each team gathers a wide variety of personalities and communication styles. So how can you encourage all attendees to engage in the conversation and contribute within a given time frame, so that when the meeting is over you have a clear outcome?

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How to Anticipate and Resolve a Work Conflict

Conflicts at work are something we often deal with, as positive and agreeable as we might be, but that’s not necessarily bad. A constructive work conflict is even a desirable condition to every productive team because it leads to more valuable solutions. As a leader, you should encourage them. However, sometimes these disagreements go beyond the constructive line and become a damaging factor in your team.

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