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How to Become a Master in Task Management

Everyone is guilty of workplace procrastination from time to time. Whether you’re checking social media or chatting with coworkers, procrastination can be easily abused, and can wreak havoc on your task management, productivity, performance, and even your health.

Become a master in task management

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Successful Delegation - What and How to Delegate Effectively to Teams

Successful Delegation – What and How to Delegate Effectively to Teams

Knowing how to delegate can make or break your team. Yet, we often feel odd about delegating or being delegated. And when it comes to flattened hierarchies, things get even odder. In fact, people tend to either under delegate or over-delegate.
To put it another way, knowing how to delegate is a skill. Without doubt, a very useful one. Despite being easy to understand, delegating is a tough skill to acquire. That’s because it’s an organic process. The nature of the work that needs delegating changes over time. Hence, figuring out how to delegate is something everyone should learn and practice.
Successful Delegation - What and How to Delegate Effectively to Teams

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Balance Work and Life through Better Sleep

We all have these items on our to do list. We all want to be in tune with our work, harmonize with our team, and love what we do. Conversely, we need the resources to experience the adventures modernity has to offer. Traveling, city breaks, amazing escapes, meeting people, reinventing, and rediscovering oneself. Hence, our bucket list.
Yet, there is one key element that affects our existence. Our most valuable resource: time. And for some reason, most of us spend almost 1/3 of our lives sleeping. And those that don’t, should. Balance work and life through better sleep to be productive, stay passionate, and get into focus.
Balance Life and Work through Better Sleep

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Sweet God of Interruptions at Work

There’s a very good reason why I zone out when I have something to finish fast. That reason is usually associated with an annoying voice, but today it was associated with puppy eyes. Seriously, I feel that this is the best strategy to undermine a team’s focus under deadline. Enter #uberPuppies!
Puppy at Hubgets headquarters

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