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The 4 Sales your Startup Makes before the Launch

People often wonder how startups can survive when they don’t have anything to sell. The product or service is just a glimpse of an idea, or better yet, a few lines of code written on a night of inspiration. What does it take to start with a dream, build a whole reality upon it and stay strong along the way?
Your startup begins the sales process before the product launch

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Why Use Performance-Based Hiring When Building Your Startup Team

Every entrepreneur acknowledges that hiring great people is their most important task, especially during the early stage of their startup. Nonetheless, very few go on the hiring journey with a strategic plan. That’s usually because, on paper, the hiring process seems to be fairly easy: post a job opening, read applications, select a few candidates for face-to-face interviews, hire the one that performs better, and repeat the process. From this perspective, flair seems to be the only thing employers need to get the hiring process right. Right?
Well, not exactly.

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How to Find the Best People for Your Startup

I strongly believe in the power of the right people in the right place. For a startup, this makes the difference between life and death. While there aren’t two startups alike, the things I will talk about in this article apply to all of them.

I was fortunate enough to learn a lot of things the hard way and I want to share them with both early entrepreneurs and people who are wasting their potential instead of joining a startup.


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