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Senior C/C++ Developer Wanted

As we mentioned a while ago, the Stack Team handles the tools and frameworks used by the other Clouders. HubRing, a branch of the fast Redis database, is among the interesting projects we are currently working on. We first used Redis in VoipNow 2, as a caching mechanism. However, due to increasing demands, we had to expand its functionality. As a result, new data types were added. VoipNow 3 and Pinapple brought on some special needs that forced us to diverge from the Vanilla Redis to such an extent that we can consider this project an entirely new product, with a new identity.

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The NoSQL Madness – Part 1

This article has been in draft for quite some time, and since one strike plus one storm led to a change in a flight schedule… what better moment for completing it? 😉


A few years ago, many developers somehow reached the conclusion that SQL databases are bad and the right solution would be no SQL databases. All this madness started when developers behind several highly popular services discovered that MySQL was not as scalable as they had hoped for.

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