Senior C/C++ Developer Wanted

As we mentioned a while ago, the Stack Team handles the tools and frameworks used by the other Clouders. HubRing, a branch of the fast Redis database, is among the interesting projects we are currently working on. We first used Redis in VoipNow 2, as a caching mechanism. However, due to increasing demands, we had to expand its functionality. As a result, new data types were added. VoipNow 3 and Pinapple brought on some special needs that forced us to diverge from the Vanilla Redis to such an extent that we can consider this project an entirely new product, with a new identity.

Why We Need Your Talent

The Stack Team holds a special place among the other devel teams. Why? Because, they just can’t do without us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are the ones building the foundation their products rely on and we need new talent to keep doing the magic.

We’ll take you on board if you’re passionate about distributed systems and you can figure out how to handle a nice and lean scaling from 3 to 100 nodes and more. And it goes even better! We need you to write beautiful software that runs fast and does much with little memory, but most importantly, we need you to write software that serves our clients as fast as possible.

Being in our team means that you’ll do more than writing code in C/C++. You need to think of the most efficient algorithms and data structures. You will learn about Redis and the new mechanisms we developed in HubRing. We need you to be passionate about implementing and testing new features, fixing issues whenever they arise, reviewing the code. You might also interact with higher level languages and frameworks, as we might need our clients to speak Python, Java or Node.JS.

What You Should Know

Working on HubRing requires that you are very well acquainted with writing medium to large projects by means of advanced paradigms using the C programming language. You also need to know when it is best to use various data structures and optimize algorithms according to them. You need to handle as many clients as possible and as efficiently as possible.

Considering that it’s a database system, the software you will be building needs to be highly reliable. So, you must be capable to handle low-level issues and details. If you already dealt with event-based programming (libevent &Co), then you’ll find it easy to handle. The clients that connect to HubRing are either multi-threading or multi-process. Therefore, you must take care of these details on client level as well. A previous experience with SQL or NonSQL databases will be considered a plus. You should write clear and tidy code, so that Clouders that are more acquainted with PHP or JavaScript can easily understand your code.

We expect you to have already fought your way through the jungles of C and C++ and their hidden pits for at least 3 years. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Knowledge of version control systems (SVN, Perforce, Git, HG etc.) is highly appreciated. Knowledge of full C development tool chains (GNU GCC, Clang etc.) is indispensable. It goes without saying that having an eye for quality and striving to deliver the best product is highly desired.

What We Offer

At 4PSA, you will find teams working on cutting-edge products, innovating in many areas. The Stack Team builds products that are used on a cloud scale, so there’s lot of interesting stuff for you to research on, learn about, and build along with your new team.

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If you are interested in this position, simply drop us an email at jobs AT or apply online.

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