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5 Easy Ways to Be More Productive and Avoid Burnout

5 Easy Ways to Be More Productive and Avoid Burnout

“Be more productive” is the work chant of the decade. And it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. The future is every bit about boosting productivity. Meanwhile, today has its own challenges. And it’s tougher than ever to stay ahead. Especially considering how quickly things change.
And these things are all related to technology. Indeed, tech has revolutionized the workplace. Granted, the past few decades have brought forth significant change. But we mean disruptive tech. Only two decades ago email on a mobile phone was a stretch. Tech is key, and it’s been transforming the workplace. But the constant is people. And people, unfortunately, can fall behind only to find themselves on the brink of burnout.
Besides, we might have reached an odd plateau. When compared to people, tech is no longer as disruptive as it used to be. At least, not when it comes to tech helping us be more productive. Because at the end the day, it’s the individual that deals with all the challenges. The constant here is the end-user. There’s only so much we can do in a day.
5 Easy Ways to Be More Productive and Avoid Burnout

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How Often Do You Pull Out Your “Digital Cigarette?”

Contextual analytics is a useful tool for assessing effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Knowing when and where your customers are likely to view your ads can make or break your campaign, so it’s important to check the trends every now and then.

People are social creatures. They like to get together and chat when they finish work or during weekends, be it at home, in another person’s home, in bars and restaurants, clubs, art galleries, etc. But people also do a lot of their communication and socializing on their smartphones. In fact, the smartphone has become every marketer’s best bet in terms of platform

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Does Mobility Make Us Narcissistic?

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What was the last tweet you sent out and what device did you compose it on? A recent study by Goldsmiths University of London has uncovered some interesting facts about our tweeting habits, including the fact that we are considerably more self-centered when tweeting from our phones.

The research paper, published in the Journal of Communication, reveals that tweets fired off from a phone are 25% more negative than the ones sent out from a computer. The explanation is as simple as you’d expect

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Sharing The Moment – How Smartphones Changed The Way We Watch Sports

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Not too long ago we used to pull out our phones just to call a friend, or read a text. Today, we use our mobile phones for just about anything. Chief among these activities is social interaction. During sporting events, this urge to relate to others hits a fever pitch, thanks to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Don’t Tweet & Run – 9 Tips for Social Networking At A C-Suite Level

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A whitepaper released by Weber Shandwick this week is a treasure trove of information regarding the social engagement of leaders at the world’s biggest companies, as well as the social trends followed by the most valuable women in business.

Among the numerous interesting data points dished out in the report, Weber outlines nine distinct actions that both new and long-tenure CEOs should consider when socializing online. These social networking tips promise to help bolster their reputation and improve the company’s image. I’ll share them with you in brief, but I encourage everyone to read through the whole “manual” over at The first rule in the book?

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Facebook Gives a Blow to Referral-Dependent Businesses

Facebook has announced new changes to the way it maintains your news feed. If you’re a regular folk with a moderate social activity online, the changes are for the best. If you’re a business that heavily relies on referral traffic, buckle up.

The announcement says the changes are meant to better display the content that matters to you. The changes were necessary because people keep posting more and more stuff, and as this content expands, its reach gobbles up under its own heft.

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