Don’t Tweet & Run – 9 Tips for Social Networking At A C-Suite Level

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A whitepaper released by Weber Shandwick this week is a treasure trove of information regarding the social engagement of leaders at the world’s biggest companies, as well as the social trends followed by the most valuable women in business.

Among the numerous interesting data points dished out in the report, Weber outlines nine distinct actions that both new and long-tenure CEOs should consider when socializing online. These social networking tips promise to help bolster their reputation and improve the company’s image. I’ll share them with you in brief, but I encourage everyone to read through the whole “manual” over at The first rule in the book?

1# – Get social on day one

That’s right. According to Weber, it’s the best time for CEOs to get their social game on, because shareholders will be curious to make their acquaintance

#2 – Socialize ahead

This one’s for aspiring CEOs. Basically it says ‘know how to use Twitter and such beforehand

#3 – See what network fits your style…

…and most importantly, your company’s style. After all, you’re a big part of its image.

#4 – Don’t tweet-and-run

Or, “listen closely,” as Weber notes. It’s a good way to sharpen your social skills, especially if you’re hesitant to embrace social media.

#5 – Narrate your company story

Use the company website as a media platform, publish content regularly

#6 – Emboss your bio with social links

A CEO’s profile looks best alongside his or her social activity. Stakeholders prefer seeing both the human and the businessman in you on a single page

#7 – Introduce yourself to the media

Sooner or later a reporter will call you to ask a question, maybe even to score a full blown interview. Tell PR to refer them to your social channels first.

8# – Socialize with your staffers too

If your company has an intranet, consider showcasing your CEO communications there for everyone to see.

#9 – Follow protocol

This tip is actually the first step you need to take before doing any of the above. You need to consult your company’s board and legal team before getting started in social media. If you’re not well versed in these matters, never hit “post” before consulting the legal department (or at least someone who spends a great deal of time online).

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