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Customer Communication Is For Your Business What SEO Is For Your Website

In the push for creating a great website, developing a social presence, and providing an overall positive user experience, it’s easy to forget about the foundation of your business: great customer communication. This element is critical to the success of your business like SEO is to the success of your website. Without it, you’ll struggle to bring on customers, retain clients and build a brand that’s known for a great customer experience.

Customer communication is as important for your business as SEO is for your website

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Why Was Google ‘Bought’ By Alphabet?

Photo by Susan Holt Simpson on Unsplash

The Internet went up in flames a few hours ago when Google announced a major shift in its organizational structure: the creation of a parent company called ‘Alphabet’ with the purpose of better managing the many branches spawned by Google in various fields (like the driverless car project). Alphabet will have one CEO and one President, while the subsidiaries (Google among them) will each have their own CEOs.

Co-founder Larry Page wrote in a blog post on Monday that Alphabet is merely an effort to make Google and all the projects that emerged from it over the years “cleaner and more accountable.” Parent company Alphabet will not be a consumer brand, Page said. In fact, the purpose of creating it was to allow each separate company to evolve individually and pursue its own branding. So, let’s answer some of the most pressing questions regarding Google’s surprising decision.

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