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Quote of the Day By Douglas Adams

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For the past few months we’ve been populating our blog index with Quote of the Day entries featuring clever maxims from clever chaps and gals from all epochs and meridians. Deep, insightful, motivational, inspirational, sad, happy quotes. But never one that’s just plain funny.

Today’s quip is from The Salmon of Doubt, a posthumous collection of published and unpublished material by English writer by Douglas Adams.

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Quote Of The Day By Israelmore Ayivor

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Character is important when you’re looking to build a team. Good training is simply not enough to propel a company forward. You need passion and determination to excel in a competitive marketplace.

When you do find highly motivated people, your next job is to retain them. Their satisfaction has to be personal, not just aligned with the company’s goals. It may sound like common sense when you read about it, but in reality it’s not easy to attain. Youth Leadership Coach Israelmore Ayivor makes it his duty to remind aspiring leaders that teamwork rests on the shoulders of each individual.

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Quote of the Day by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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People with thick accents aren’t exactly well liked. Especially those who really cripple a language trying to convey their thoughts verbally to others. But according to H. Jackson Brown Jr., it’s not something to criticize.

I laughed when I read this:

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Quote Of The Day By The Late Satoru Iwata

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It is often said that we lose our innocence when we grow up. While undoubtedly true, this isn’t the only trait we shake off as we venture into adulthood.

Children are innocent not just through their small stature or their inability to judge certain actions, but also through their sincerity. Show a child an ugly painting and he or she will not hesitate to call it just that. In this respect, the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata trusted the young demographic as a good indicator of the company’s direction.

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Quote Of The Day By Stanley Kubrick

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No one likes to be pressured into making a decision. But if there’s still time to resolve whether or not to do something, it’s best to use it until the very last second. There’s nothing like taking a chance that isn’t worth taking.

Weighing the risks against the rewards is a crucial aspect in decision making. The famous Stanley Kubrick lived by this rule:

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Today’s Quote Is About Knowing What You Want

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It’s important to aspire to something. It helps put bread on the table, and it gives us a sense of purpose at the end of the day. Some people keep an agenda, others do something crazy every day. But we all do the things we do with one goal in mind: to be happy.

If there’s one topic you won’t have trouble finding quotes on, it’s happiness. However, few are as truthful to the self as this one:

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Quote of the Day By Charlie Chaplin

1925, Doctor Macro, United Artists (work for hire)

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein shared very few traits. The former was an entertainer, the latter, a mathematical genius. But the two did have some common ground: wits.

Two of the best known people of the 1900s, Chaplin and Einstein once found themselves walking together in Hollywood. The duo received cheers from fellow pedestrians, and while Chaplin was used to the feeling, the scientist was left in awe. According to a memoir by Einstein’s physician and friend, János Plesch, Chaplin famously remarked:

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Quote Of The Day By Edward L. Bernays

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Very few people are happy with their jobs. It’s a sad truth, but one that can be corrected with a little change of attitude. Sometimes change is within reach, if you only bother to seek it. And no, I’m not reciting from self-help books. It’s the naked truth.

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Quote Of The Day By Mary Schmich

It is often said that coming close to death makes you appreciate life tenfold. Skydivers probably know this all too well.

Mary Schimch isn’t into extreme sports, but she understands the importance of getting an adrenaline rush every once in a while. As part of a lengthier writeup, she once said:

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Quote Of The Day By Henry van Dyke

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Thinking objectively can get you places. Sometimes there’s no right or wrong answers. Just circumstances. Building a factory can churn out useful products and create new jobs. At the same time, said factory can hurt a local business, or pollute the environment. When timing and location are considered, the choice to erect a factory can be regarded both right and wrong.

But not doing anything never did anyone any good. Also, you can’t please everyone. So you do what you have to do. In the words of Henry van Dyke

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