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Quote of the Day by Cormac McCarthy

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There’s a theory according to which we’re all part of a big Multiverse, where every new event sparks a new reality / a parallel Universe, leaving behind an infinite number of other potential outcomes, with just as many potential futures lying ahead. Personally, I don’t care for it.

It’s not that I don’t believe in it. I do. But I choose to ignore it. Our existence on this Earth is physical, and physical objects live in the now. The choices that we make are just that – choices. We are solely responsible with measuring the good-to-bad ratio of the outcome. Nature doesn’t seem to care. In this respect, novelist Cormac McCarthy once quipped:

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Quote of the day by Kurt Vonnegut

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Humanity is technological by definition. From flint-made tools to the smartphone, humans have always been drawn to invent and discover. But you never hear about technology in old writings.

This rubbed Kurt Vonnegut the wrong way. The American writer and humorist believed that literature, especially novels, should include all aspects of life as we know it, not just events unfolding page by page.

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Quote of the Day by Lori Greiner

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Since work is the only way to get anything valuable out of life, you might as well do it full time and make a difference, than to lug your body to and back from the office for half that time and achieve nothing.

Makes sense, right? It’s the mindset of inventor Lori Greiner, and it sounds a lot smarter coming from her mouth:

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Quote of the Day By Joshua J. Marine

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Some think there’s a good chance the Universe doesn’t actually have purpose. That it just exists and will forever contract and expand, with no reason other than it can.

But to bring something into existence, something else must have existed to produce it. Big Bang aside, everything we see around us today has been created as a result of chemical and physical processes. Each processes got its purpose in the chain of events that led to it. In other words, existence without reason doesn’t make much sense, be it living or non-living. Author Joshua J. Marine has a famous quote on this:

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Quote of the Day by Abraham Lincoln

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4PSA is a player in a market ahead of its time. We wake up to new challenges every day, but we also build solutions to deal with these problems – for ourselves, and everyone else.

If Abraham Lincoln were any wiser he’d have probably developed Hubgets himself. He was an expert at turning situations on every side to ultimately reveal a solution. He also said this once:

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Quote of the Day Is About Success And How To Obtain It

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All work and no play makes us dull guys and gals. That’s why we’ve made it a rule to have a laugh every once in a while on this blog. This quote of the day is as comical as it gets.

Studies show that having about 12 laughs a day ensures a healthy living. Of course, if you drown yourself in booze and smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, you can’t expect to live to be 100 just by laughing all the time. However, scientists agree that it helps a great deal. No wonder it feels so good to laugh!

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Quote of the Day by Norman Schwarzkopf

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Leadership is a quality, a distinction. It’s something you’re either good at or you’re not. There’s no exact recipe for being a leader. In business, for instance, it’s good for the CEO to have charisma. Because the CEO is often the face of the company. But you can do without a charming personality and still make a truckload of cash if you have your game on. Attractiveness is a plus, but certainly not a requirement.

In sales, it pays to be convincing. Some convince through body language, others with their tone of voice. Master none and you can still sell if you dot the “i” with strong arguments. In sales, it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there.

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Quote of the Day By Althea Gibson

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I recently came across a sarcastic tweet about asking others for help when you need it, and it clicked with me. Pride has its limits. It’s often better to seek help when you’re stuck than to take stabs in the dark and fail.

The first thing you get in this life is help from others, like the doctor who cuts your umbilical cord and gives you a nudge so you can start breathing. Receiving help from others is an important thing to remember, if you ask Althea Gibson.

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Quote of the Day by Arnold Palmer

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When something looks like it cannot be done, it generally cannot be done. But it’s not because it’s impossible. Rather, it’s because it will probably not even be attempted.

Had this been the case all the time, we’d probably still be living in caves and hunting with spears. But, because of our drive for new knowledge, key members of our species broke their comfort zone to invent the future. Think aeroplanes, smartphones, cloud computing, 3D printing, etc. All these seemed impossible before those select few innovators made them a reality.

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Quote of the Day by Charles Darwin

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Evolution is synonymous with progress, and for good reason too. In order to push your species forward, you have to be at least as good as your ancestors. Fail to adapt to changing times and you will perish. Many living things have opted for collaboration to ensure their survival. From ants to apes to us humans, leveraging brains and muscle in groups yields great results.

Of the illustrious minds of the 1800s, none saw this more clearly than Charles Robert Darwin, the greatest contributor to the theory of evolution.

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