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How to stay calm and focus at work

How to Stay Calm and Keep Your Focus at Work

As fast-paced and technology driven as the modern workplace might be, distractions and interruptions still manage to keep us still, slowing down our productivity. “Friendly” notifications that pop up everywhere and at any time, teammates who constantly ask for help or feedback, the continuous battle for balance between being able to do our job and working together with the team for a common purpose — known as teamwork — all that puts enormous pressure on our work and focus.
How to stay calm and keep your focus at work

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To Reduce Stress At Work, Avoid Interruptions

Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) on Unsplash

Interruptions at work are inevitable, but how do they really affect us? While most people are concerned about their effects on productivity, the real danger comes from the stress they cause. Good news is that you can protect your health and well-being from unwanted, stress-inducing interruptions by simply implementing the following system.

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