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A Manager’s Guide to Giving Feedback to Interns

Let’s not beat around the bush: unless things are going exceptionally great, giving and receiving feedback can be pretty unpleasant. If you want to make things even harder, consider giving feedback to your youngest teammates, the ambitious, career-seeking interns. Here are some honest, hands-on tips on how not to get tangled in emotions and deliver an inspiring feedback.

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Millennials Are Driving The Adoption Of Unified Communications

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Studies show that Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services represent a fast-growing segment in the broader cloud communications market. That’s not a surprise considering the increasing number of companies who expand their activities far from their traditional borders. But are their employees, especially Millennials, playing any role in this change? I’m a firm believer that this digital-native generation is fueling the change. And scientific facts seem to support this idea.

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“X” Marks The Spot

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Market researchers everywhere are sounding the horn that Millennials are quickly becoming the dominant figure in the workforce, dispensing their invaluable advice on how to cope with the situation left and right. However, the world is in no danger of ending just because Generation Y is growing up. Gen Xers are alive and kicking, and spending more than ever.

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How Millennials & Generation Z Are Looking For Jobs Today [Infographic]

Around a third of the young US demographic feels let down by the education system, accusing their alma maters of failing to teach them applicable, real life business skills. A report by HR firm Adecco breaks down the data gathered from 1,001 students looking at the difference in thinking between Generation Y (born 1980-2000) and Generation Z (born after 2000).

Generation Z is either just entering college or actively attending the higher-ed classes. Generation Y, also called the ‘Millennials,” are graduating or have already graduated. Despite the difference in age and the hurdles that lay ahead, both groups have a common enemy: the difficulty of obtaining a job.

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Brace Yourselves, Millennials Are Coming

The highly experienced but less tech-savvy baby boomer generation has been dominating the global workforce for some time now, but that’s about to change. Before you know it, the soon-to-retire boomers will be replaced by the ambitious, technologically savvy and collaborative millennials, who don’t remember a time without computers and smartphones. Growing up with laptops, Wi-Fi, 3G and social media, the digital world circulates through their system as they expect immediate access to information at all hours of the day.

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