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Cool Summer Internship 2013 Problem Two

Spring’s here, and so is our second problem! Time to enjoy nature, play treasure hunt, and write an App about it. Or vice versa. 🙂

Either way, do not forget about the rules. The deadline to submit your solutions is Tuesday, April 9nd, 10:00 AM GMT. Results must be submitted here.

Facebook Lost And Found

Johnny is out on a trip together with his friends. They want to have some fun by putting their smartphones to the test. Johnny is the tech oriented kind of person, so he is thinking of writing a phone App for him and his friends to play outdoors.

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Cool Summer Internship 2013 Problem One

The first problem might look like a warm-up, but it’s a bit more complicated than it seems. 🙂

Do not forget about the rules. The deadline to submit your solutions is Tuesday, April 2nd, 10:00 AM GMT and results must be submitted here.

Meet PayBot

Johnny runs a successful company. One of his biggest challenges is figuring out how much to pay his employees. Johnny is sure you can design a system that can automatically determine this.

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Cool Summer Internship 2013 Race

Once again, we have a lot of openings for the 2013 Summer Internship in Bucharest, Romania. You can find the full list on the Stagiipebune website.

Our selection process is very similar to last year’s – basically every week we will publish at least one problem. You have to solve it and send us the solution.

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Meet Us On Saturday!

It’s time to meet the 4PSA teams. Well, not everyone, just some members that will socialize at the StagiiPeBune event that will take place on Saturday, March 16th, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Politechnica University of Bucharest in Faculty for Automatics and Computers hall.

We prepared for you some virtual reality training and of course, nice prizes for the brave ones that take on the challenge to bike into the cloud.

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Cos’ Every Road Has Its Start

It all started about 10 hours ago and I am still fresh, hopefully due to the amazing coffee. And nothing compares to the feeling of being useful on your first day at work, then receiving your first task as a trainee. I am used to “The Writer” nickname. I always like to write down things, it helps me keep them organized and up to date.

The Trip Companions

I remember I woke up early in the morning to be one of the first to come to the office. First impression as I entered the door: young team, smiles on their faces, a friendly mode of saying “Welcome!”.

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Graduation Papers In The Cloud

The other day, during a team meeting, someone brought up the issue of tools that make students’ lives easier than it was years ago. I was stunned to learn that I can be the “esteemed” author a of a scientific paper in a matter of minutes, using the proper tools. 😀

Bear in mind the fact that my career is correlated with the science papers at the level of a 10th grader. I hold an MA, would love an MS, but I never considered using this to get it.

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You Are a Builder First!

Interaction with students made me understand that computer science graduates need some guidance. Every teenager knows that an architect designs structures, a doctor heals people, and a professor teaches students. These jobs are easy to understand. Still, it’s not so obvious what a computer science graduate does. Sadly, many students remain pretty much confused about their mission, even after graduation.

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Cool Summer 2012 Internship Problem Set 7

We’re closing this race with a set of problems that rely heavily on context.

The Cool Summer Internship Race has been a driver of great attitude, since most of what we published left room for creativity, in every sense.  What is more important though is that it turned into a driver of entailing actions.

What are we going to do next:  we want to offer those who would like to become interns at 4PSA the chance to know us in a competition.

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