Cos’ Every Road Has Its Start

It all started about 10 hours ago and I am still fresh, hopefully due to the amazing coffee. And nothing compares to the feeling of being useful on your first day at work, then receiving your first task as a trainee. I am used to “The Writer” nickname. I always like to write down things, it helps me keep them organized and up to date.

The Trip Companions

I remember I woke up early in the morning to be one of the first to come to the office. First impression as I entered the door: young team, smiles on their faces, a friendly mode of saying “Welcome!”. The foggy day vanished behind me when I got challenged to write down what I see and feel on my first experience “on the battlefield”. The “highly recommended” silicone-filled cushions for when thoughts get too contracted and they need to be relaxed, the gym, the Pilates class, all the extra-activities meant to have you in shape – they give an impulse to get out of the ordinary you and create, explore and discover. And people do create around me – things that, at the end of the day, are part of a very sophisticated software platform.


My getting introduced to people is not happening in formal meetings, but I move around from one Clouder to the next, I am allowed to interrupt right there and then because I am “one of them” now. This is not something they allow easily, I am told, and it is explained to me that the silence in the open space is possible as people communicate massively on chat, trying to respect “the concentration mode” for the developers.

The Walking Shoes

I try to spy on the Clouders, I look at their screens while they work, and I cannot help noticing that the first condition to get things moving fast is to develop ideas in small groups. They have access to resources in minutes, run autonomously and they are responsible. This is pretty big! The walking shoes are big, and they need to be filled. I am expected to do just that. 😉

The Speed Of The Trip – Up to Me

Being used to reading messages on various blogs saying how bad or nice a first day at work was, I feel like my day here is perfectly normal. I know that this is just the beginning, and challenges are pouring in as I write this, but I keep this in mind: the faster I learn my stuff, the better I am prepared for a winding road.

Should you want to feel what I feel now, just apply for a position and if you are really, really good (yep, I am modest ;)) you’ll get the chance to explore 4PSA’s technologies, working for one of the teams.

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