Graduation Papers In The Cloud

The other day, during a team meeting, someone brought up the issue of tools that make students’ lives easier than it was years ago. I was stunned to learn that I can be the “esteemed” author a of a scientific paper in a matter of minutes, using the proper tools. 😀

Bear in mind the fact that my career is correlated with the science papers at the level of a 10th grader. I hold an MA, would love an MS, but I never considered using this to get it.

Not more than just a few days ago, one of the ministers of a powerful nation was spoiled of her PhD title. There is a possibility that none of the users of the above linked tool would ever consider having a career in the spotlight, or a career at all. But my guess is that this would be the exact reason for which they would go through the trouble of looking for the easy way out.

How We Make A Difference

4PSA is supporting a program to help university students get their BS/MS theses in the cloud. Nope, that does not mean we will provide storage services. It means we will get student hands in the cloud software we build. And yes, one can do mighty good stuff with it, while documenting it in a graduation paper.

How It Works

Instead of writing a paper from home and imagining what code would look like in production, there are these paid internships, where one can get a mixture of practical knowledge and passion. 4PSA Clouders are tech addicts and we go out of our way to promote innovation and cloud technologies. We’re big fans of creativity and whatever else everybody else looks for, but we have our very own interpretation. 😉

Simply put: we have a set of subjects, the interested student agrees with her/his professor on the theme of his/her paper. The people in our teams offer the tools and guidance for the students to create a very good graduation paper, with a consistent practical study.

As this is their project, students manage all the development stages, starting with gathering requirements and ending with the automation of the testing process. They are ready to master the art of distributed algorithms and they will get their good chance to become ministers, if one day the opportunity shows at their doorstep. 🙂


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