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Getting Your Team Ready for Summer: The Hybrid Work Edition

July has just begun, which means summer is upon us—at least here, in the Northern Hemisphere 🙂 Kids are already out of school, sun is on full display, days are long and hot, and vacations are in the works. No doubt, this is an enjoyable season—but if you’re not careful, productivity can take a nosedive. Is your team ready?

Getting Your Team Ready for the Summer Hybrid Work

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Your Team Board Just Got a Fresh New Look

Here at Hubgets we’re really fond of our Team board. We think of it as our daily roller coaster or water cooler. It’s where we share everything and anything that concerns us as a team – both serious and fun stuff, news, updates, photos, videos, and web content. Now you can understand why we couldn’t leave our “daily playground” out of our latest improvement plan. In this article, we’ll tell you how we made the Team board sleeker and better.
Team Board Just Got A New Look | Hubgets

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