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8 Ways To Beat The Summer Slump When Working From Home

It’s summer! All you can think of is vacation, waves, beach, and cold drinks. Instead, you are stuck at home and still need to work. I can’t honestly find an encouraging bright side to that, but maybe it would make you feel better if you knew that you are not alone! No less than 25 percent of US workers feel less productive during the summer months and 68 percent admit that they are daydreaming during office hours. And that’s what summer slump is all about.

Ways To Beat The Summer Slump When Working From Home

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Unplugged Summer Digital Detox: How To Feel Rejuvenated

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are living in front of the screen more than ever before. Work, school, news, shopping, socializing, nowadays everything is digital. Technology brings many benefits and we rely on it for every aspect of our lives. However, at some point, it can also become tiring and even harmful. If you feel that you need a break away from the screen, now it’s the perfect time for a summer digital detox.

Summer Unplugged Digital Detox: How To Feel Rejuvenated

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How to Take a Digital Detox While on Vacation

Most adults spend up to 11 hours per day digitally connected one way or another. We use screens for work, for fun, for shopping – basically our entire lives revolve around a screen. While some people don’t see that as a problem, 1 in 5 people have taken a digital detox, and 7 in 10 people are trying to limit their screen time.

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