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Cool Summer 2012 Internship Problem Set 7

We’re closing this race with a set of problems that rely heavily on context.

The Cool Summer Internship Race has been a driver of great attitude, since most of what we published left room for creativity, in every sense.  What is more important though is that it turned into a driver of entailing actions.

What are we going to do next:  we want to offer those who would like to become interns at 4PSA the chance to know us in a competition.

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Cool Summer 2012 Internship Problem Set 5

The Cool Summer Internship Race is getting closer and closer to the finish line.  A big thumbs-up for all those who have already sent their solutions to previously posted problems and a piece of advice to those willing to do so: hurry up, we only have 2 sets of problems left! But we still have positions to fill. 🙂

This week is going to be more social. 🙂

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Cool Summer 2012 Internship Problem Set 4

We are thrilled to see that we rose some enthusiasm with the problem sets published so far. This fourth problem set is dedicated to strategy. We would like to see more of the “how”, and to this purpose, we are publishing approach-based challenges.

Do not forget about the rules. The deadline to submit your solutions is Monday, April 23rd, 10 am GMT. Results must be submitted here. You can solve the problem in a small team!

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Cool Summer 2012 Internship Race Rules

Starting today we will begin to post the Cool Summer Internship 2012 problems online. We felt that is necessary to remind you a couple of things:

    • We will publish a set of problems on our blog each Friday. There is a deadline for each set of problems.
    • We would not recommend you to wait until May. We have a limited number of openings, hurry up!
    • All problems are open. We have some suggestions, but you are free to innovate.

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Cool Summer 2012 Internship Race Has Started!

As stated in the title of this blog post, we’re officially opening our 4PSA Cool Summer 2012 Internship Program 🙂

There are two recruitment phases to the program:

    • Selection: during this phase, we select the candidates. Starts March 26 and ends May 31.
    • Internship: during this phase, selected students work and play at our offices.  Starts  June 4 and ends September 28.

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With My Head Up In The Cloud

How many times have you been told this: Is your head in the clouds?!? Usually, it’s not a compliment, but these days that might just change. Of course, it’s about a different Cloud and it would be nice to have your IT services there, not your head. 🙂

I see at least a dozen of articles every day on cloud computing, written by people from various areas of business: IT, marketing, sales, even HR. They debate on cloud definition, advantages and disadvantages, on myths, data security, lock-in degree, and ultimately whether cloud computing really is a new concept or just an over-hyped renaming of the old IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models or even a clever marketing-invented new name for virtualized environments.

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