Cool Summer 2012 Internship Problem Set 4

We are thrilled to see that we rose some enthusiasm with the problem sets published so far. This fourth problem set is dedicated to strategy. We would like to see more of the “how”, and to this purpose, we are publishing approach-based challenges.

Do not forget about the rules. The deadline to submit your solutions is Monday, April 23rd, 10 am GMT. Results must be submitted here. You can solve the problem in a small team!

Present Yourself

You should design a presentation web tool (like PowerPoint) that connects a presenter to multiple persons. Every slide change is visible to everyone connected. Everybody will be seeing the slides and should be able to send questions that the presenter will receive and answer. The questions and answers are visible to all participants.

What you have to do

  • Describe the UML class diagram.
  • Develop an object-oriented prototype.


  • The person initiating a question should be unaware of the number of other peers
  • Take a look at different design patterns for ideas.

Park Alleys

Yay, a new park is to be opened soon in Bucharest. The park has no alleys, yet! Someone came up with the idea to experiment and see the paths most walked on by people, turning those into alleys. You are managing the team in charge with providing the park with alleys!

The park’s surface is of 100 hectares. You have 20 employees, each one working 8 hours per day.

You can place 10 observers (maximum) in the park, at one time, due to small budget. One observer can monitor 1 hectare at a time.

The time allocated to finalize the measurements for setting the alley is of one week. The measurements done by the observers can be processed every hour, every 30 minutes, or every 10 minutes.

What you have to do

Your task is to determine the most visited paths and turn them into alleys in as short a time as possible. You cannot allow the park to be destroyed!


  • The figures in the description of the problem are just there exempli gratia. Please focus on strategy on top of all!
  • Take into account the fact that citizens do not always behave well and you may have to clean up their tracks and restart.
  • Employees can also resign for whatever reason and you will have to deal with it.

Best of luck and inspiration!

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