Cool Summer 2012 Internship Race – Rules

Starting today we will begin to post the Cool Summer Internship 2012 problems online. We felt that is necessary to remind you a couple of things:

  • we will publish a set of problems on our blog each Friday. There is a deadline for each set of problems.
  • we would not recommend you to wait until May. We have a limited number of openings, hurry up!
  • all problems are open. We have some suggestions, but you are free to innovate.
  • it is possible to solve a problem with a friend/colleague. We will consider that the solution had multiple contributors – a very common thing, in daily work routine. Just remember that when you get to our office for the interview, you will be on your own!
  • on each set, you can solve any number of problems you want. Remember that is better to have an exceptional solution rather than two mediocre ones.
  • if your solution is good, we will call you. If we didn’t call you during the week following the submission of your solution, submit a solution on the next set of problems. You will succeed!

We suggest you to:

  • stick to the deadline of each set proposed.
  • double check the presentation. It is important!

We wish you the best of luck! Let the fun begin 🙂

Update: Yes, you are right. You can solve a problem in the team. A small team (of two members), but still a team. We value team work and we want you to be a team player. When submitting the solution, do not forget to add both members. Of course, you can still solve the problem on your own!

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