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Quote of the Day by Wilson Mizner

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Faith and doubt play in different teams. Both seek the truth, but they often clash when they meet because neither holds the ultimate answer to everything. This causes people to feel compelled to pick a battle and stick with it. Some, however, prefer a different approach: sit on the fence until further notice.

Trying to please everyone is a sure way to failure, especially when it comes to controversial matters like spirituality versus science. Wilson Mizner believed the same. It’s okay to sideline yourself when it comes to contentious matters, but it’s equally important to spectate with your eyes peeled in search of your own answers. In one of his many fits of wisdom, the playwright once let out this clever bons mot

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Quote Of The Day By Edward L. Bernays

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Very few people are happy with their jobs. It’s a sad truth, but one that can be corrected with a little change of attitude. Sometimes change is within reach, if you only bother to seek it. And no, I’m not reciting from self-help books. It’s the naked truth.

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Quote Of The Day By Mary Schmich

It is often said that coming close to death makes you appreciate life tenfold. Skydivers probably know this all too well.

Mary Schimch isn’t into extreme sports, but she understands the importance of getting an adrenaline rush every once in a while. As part of a lengthier writeup, she once said:

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Quote Of The Day By Henry van Dyke

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Thinking objectively can get you places. Sometimes there’s no right or wrong answers. Just circumstances. Building a factory can churn out useful products and create new jobs. At the same time, said factory can hurt a local business, or pollute the environment. When timing and location are considered, the choice to erect a factory can be regarded both right and wrong.

But not doing anything never did anyone any good. Also, you can’t please everyone. So you do what you have to do. In the words of Henry van Dyke

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Quote of the Day By Charles Cooley

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Try to recall the last time you were surrounded by people who were on a completely different level than you. Did you feel imprisoned, misunderstood? The next time you feel that way, remember these wise words from Charles Cooley.

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