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5 Ways To Achieve Cloud Maturity & Taste The Sweet Fruits Of Victory

The cloud is on the rise. Just shy of 80% of organizations are seriously considering adoption in one form or another, and almost 40% have already implemented cloud products and services in their operations. But according to research carried out by International Data Corporation (IDC) on 19,080 worldwide IT and LOB (line of business) respondents, mature Cloud-centric organizations are hard to come by.

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How To Avoid Major Cloud Migration Mistakes

Can anyone deny that cloud computing has taken the world by storm? Savvy CIOs who have already adopted the cloud have been reaping the rewards of increased flexibility and scalability, faster time to market for new application deployments, and greater savings across the board. With cloud computing, all signs point to a more efficient and cost-effective technological future.

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Cloud Trailblazers Reap Major Rewards

Many of us know that cloud offers enhanced collaboration, disaster recovery, increased scalability, and smaller costs. But do you realize there’s also a connection between the use of cloud computing and increased business agility?

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