In Search For A Web Backend Software Engineer

VoipNow is a complex team, with different skills, from product management to support experts and sales, constantly growing and looking for more teammates. This article is about a new opportunity in the Software Engineering Unit. When it comes to choosing our colleagues, we are very picky. But if you’re very good, you will win us over in no time. 🙂

What You Should Know

The web core of the VoipNow Platform is built in PHP, therefore you must be a PHP wizard. Still, it’s not the language per se that matters most, but your general programming skills. Considering that VoipNow is a large and complex system, you must be familiar with programming patterns and data structures. You will have to work with large structures, which is far from trivial, especially when you have to deliver the response in tens of milliseconds.

PHP alone is not enough to build a large web application. There are a lot of components in our cloud platform, but the database is your main concern. In VoipNow, we use MySQL and a distributed NoSQL database that has been forked from Redis several years ago. So, you should have strong knowledge of MySQL and query optimization techniques as well as a good understanding of how NoSQL databases work. On the other hand, at 4PSA you are going to significantly improve your knowledge about NoSQL databases, so we are not going to stress you with this.



Speaking about databases, you should be familiar with the general security techniques that prevent database attacks (for example, SQL injection). As a matter of fact, due to its popularity, VoipNow is often a target of web attacks, so you must employ safe programming techniques in everything you do.

VoipNow provides APIs that are used by App developers. That’s why it is highly recommended that you have a REST and SOAP background.

What You’ll Be Doing

VoipNow is a mature software, used by thousands of service providers and businesses all over the world. This means that our customers expect VoipNow to satisfy very different needs. We are constantly adding new features and this is not as simple as it might seem, as every new feature must be generic enough to serve a large number of service providers and end-users. Even though this is not going to be directly your responsibility, your input in the design process remains however very important.

One of the challenges is to make VoipNow scale, while keeping the operational costs low. This is possible through distribution of services across relatively inexpensive computing nodes. For storage, we use the Amazon S3 protocol, which has almost become a standard and is supported by lots of services, proprietary and open-source software.

Our colleagues on the other teams work on software stacks that are eventually integrated in VoipNow. For instance, the Stack Team develops tools that you will be using. So, one way or another, you will also get to work with colleagues from peer teams.

Sometimes you have to go lower level. For instance, while working on the REST API (UnifiedAPI), you will have to become familiar with real-time media used in voice and video communication. Speaking about real-time, VoipNow’s future versions will deploy some standard stack components built on Node.js. While experience with Node.js is not mandatory, you should at least be familiar with it.

Experience is valued based on the skills you’ve acquired. Some people learn at a faster pace than others, so proven experience is more valuable than “paper experience”. Working at 4PSA implies continuous learning, that’s why we appreciate fast and constant learners.

What We Offer

Working in the cloud means that you will be participating in all software development stages, which is quite a challenge. You will be interacting with the other units and teams – lots of carefully selected, smart people. And you can always see your work in the hands of our customers.

If you think you’re the missing piece in our puzzle, simply drop us an email at jobs AT or apply online.

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