Happy IWD 2022

Every year, on 8 March, the world marks the International Women’s Day. Some celebrate it with flowers, others with good wishes, and even more with empowering thoughts on gender equality. And IWD 2022 is no exception.

Heppy IWD 2022

Women in tech

Our company is active in the technology space. Therefore, to mark IWD 2022 we built this parallel between our 4PSA team and the industry averages.

Here’s how we stand.

  • In our 4PSA team, 52.5 percent of the total number of employees are women compared with 47 percent, which is the average in technology companies.
  • And if we look even further, 52.5 percent of our employees working in software engineering are women. In comparison with the industry average of 25 percent, the number of women in tech is more than double at 4PSA!
  • Compared with the 5 percent of women tech founders on average, 4PSA’s founders are 50 percent women. This entrepreneur salutes you.
  • And while we don’t have trustworthy statistics related to pets in the technology space, we firmly believe that a 50 percent of female pets is quite decent 😉

It’s easy to let these figures speak on our behalf and paint the true colors of our company culture. Not only on IWD 2022, but at any given moment.

At 4PSA, we celebrate women every day, not only on 8th of March.

Happy Women’s Day, ladies!

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