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4PSA = For Performance, Scalability and Agility

We are often asked what 4PSA means. Many people living in US heard about PSA and maybe not in the nicest circumstances. For them, this is just a medical term. Well, we are software developers, not doctors 🙂 And even though, if you want to explore the PSA meanings, there are quite a lot of them.

For us, 4PSA is an important part of our culture. It has been our name since day one. I won’t debate whether it’s a good or a bad name, I will only try to explain where it came from and what it means to us.

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Introducing 4PSA Support Zone

Next week 4PSA will be introducing a new online presence, as well as redesigned back-end systems. One of the most important systems that has been completely renewed is the one used to provide technical support to our customers. The new facility, called Support Zone, is the result of an important development effort primarily focused on improving the satisfaction of our customers.

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How AMQP Is Used by VoipNow’s CallAPI

AMQP is an open standard for messaging middleware. It was developed by a working group interested in creating a standard for business messaging, because in the past only proprietary, expensive solutions existed. AMQP is now used in many software solutions, from Banking Sector to Cloud Computing. Its main advantages as a messaging protocol are its reliability, performance and flexibility. This means that two entities can send messages between them and it is possible to guarantee not only the actual delivery, but also the delivery time.

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Why Is 4PSA Orange?

I’ve been answering to sales inquires for many years. Most of the questions are of course related either to Unified Communications or to the hosting world and sometimes they can be very funny. For example, a couple of days ago, someone asked me why we’ve chosen orange as our brand color.

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Impressions on WebhostingDay 2010

I am writing this in the plane, coming back from WebhostingDay 2010. The event took place in Bruhl, Germany. From our perspective, the event was much better than last year and this happened due to the growing hosting providers’ interest in Unified Communications. Many people heard and understood our message, even with the small resources put on marketing. I will resume below the most important things about WHD 2010.

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Join us a WebhostingDay 2010!

We are sponsoring WebhostingDay 2010, the leading European gathering for hosting companies, that will take place in Germany, near Cologne, between 17 and 19 March 2010. The event is not free, but we can send you an invitation code that covers all costs. Please contact for this.

You are invited to visit our booth #33 anytime and to attend to our CEO’s hosting.SESSION presentation about Unified Communications on Thursday March 18, between 16:00 and 16:45. We will attend WHD2010 with a team of six, but if you wish to schedule a meeting with 4PSA management, please email

We will show at WHD2010 our latest developments, so we are looking forward to seeing you there.

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My Feedback on Parallels Summit

I’ve just returned from Parallels Summit 2010. I attended the summit with two colleagues, our Business Development manager and our Director of Business Operations in Americas. It was a very good event for us, with lots of discussions and findings. I will share some of the most important things below.

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Join us at Parallels Summit 2010!

We are going to be present at Parallels Summit 2010 that will take place in Miami, between 22 February and 24 February. The event is free and it’s going to be nice, you can register here.

You are invited to visit our booth #26 anytime and to attend to our CEO’s industry track keynote about the challenges hosting companies face when deploying Unified Communications. If you want to schedule a meeting with 4PSA management, please email

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Join us at ITExpo 2010 East

Happy New Year! I hope that you will have an exceptional 2010, much better than 2009.

At 4PSA everything started very fast this year. We will have a very busy Q1, with lots of challenges, which means that is going to be exciting. 🙂

The first event in Q1 we are going to join is ITExpo East in Miami that will take place between 20 and 22 January. You are invited to visit our booth #618 anytime. As probably is going to be quite crowded, you can schedule a meeting by sending an email to

See you there!

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Happy New Year!

On behalf of the 4PSA team I would like to wish you Merry Winter Holidays and a Happy New Year. Thank you for the wonderful collaboration in 2009 and looking forward for an even better one in 2010.

As you probably seen, there were some quiet developments at 4PSA lately that started with a new website and continued with a new product release, VoipNow Core.
4PSA is preparing a lot of new stuff and important improvements for 2010, I am sure that you will like them. But enough with these, just enjoy the holidays!

BTW, we also have a small gift – 15% discount for purchases of new 4PSA software owned licenses.

When you make the order in our online store, please use the discount code new2010.

The discount code is valid until 4 January 2010.

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