4PSA = For Performance, Scalability and Agility

We are often asked what 4PSA means. Many people living in US heard about PSA and maybe not in the nicest circumstances. For them, this is just a medical term. Well, we are software developers, not doctors 🙂 And even though, if you want to explore the PSA meanings, there are quite a lot of them.

For us, 4PSA is an important part of our culture. It has been our name since day one. I won’t debate whether it’s a good or a bad name, I will only try to explain where it came from and what it means to us.

We chose this name nine years ago when we started to develop our first products, some add-ons for the well known Plesk hosting management panel. At that time, it was called Plesk Server Administrator or simply PSA. It looks like they were not aware about the prostate problems either 😉 .

We called our brand 4(for)PSA simply because we were developing add-ons for the Plesk control panel. Back then, it was a logical choice.

Years have passed and our product line has continuously evolved. Five years ago, in May 2006, we released the first version of our best known product, VoipNow. The strategy of the company shifted and we had to come up with a new meaning of 4PSA or to change the name for a better one.

We asked customers and they loved the name, they didn’t even correlate it with other terms. When we stated to think about new meanings, it was very easy to put 4PSA in line with the core values of the company. Let me share these with you:

4 -> We develop software for people, our customers, partners and friends in the same time.

Performance -> We are committed to build and deliver services that help people communicate better. This is the official mission statement of the company.

Scalability -> We promote technologies that easily scale and save the environment in the same time. Our company has been using the computer cloud since 2002! We have never done anything else.

Agility -> We associate innovation with agility, because innovation is a state of spirit. Agile software development means building solutions at a rapid pace and with minimal risk.

So next time when you see 4PSA, just think about our core values: For Performance, Scalability and Agility! While these reasons might not be so obvious when you look at our logo, they are powerful enough to make many exceptional people excited to contribute to the 4PSA success.


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