Emilia Bratu' Post

Video Guide on How to VoipNow SPE for the First Time

Whenever we deal with a product for the first time, we can’t help exploring it. And, in most cases, we jump to it without any technical guidance. Because we’re curious by nature and, oh well, just because we think we know better. 😉 This usually works when we talk about simple products. But things change when dealing with complex software such as VoipNow SPE; it has an extensive feature set and covers so many usage scenarios. Of course, eventually everyone will find their way through, but it’s a lot easier and more straightforward if you use the resources that we have created.

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What Happens In Rucar Doesn’t Stay In Rucar

A week ago, everyone at 4PSA (well, almost everyone – as some of us had to stay in the office and keep an eye on things) were off to nowhere, i.e. Rucar, bonding with the team, trying to know each other even better, and cultivating that spirit of togetherness that makes things move, while having fun.

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