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Spring Race III – And The $2000 Prize Goes To…

The one and only Laur Neagu! 🙂

We can’t wait to meet him tomorrow. When we hand him the well-deserved $2000 prize and we find out more about him. We’ll tell you everything about the winning app too. So stick around for updates. 🙂

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Once again, thank you to all Spring Race III participants. For us, it’s been quite an experience. We hope it’s been the same for you too. 🙂

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The Winner of Spring Race III Will Be Announced Tomorrow

We’re back with news! OK, partial news, but it’s just a matter of days until we all find out the winner of the last hackathon in the series, Spring Race III.

We just wanted to let you know that all the apps you have proposed as a solution to our challenge have been received. As it turned out, the $2000 prize was quite a motivator. 😉

A big THANK YOU to all those who worked hard and strove to design an app that handles picture management according to our requirements.

We’re still analyzing your solutions and we’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow. So, stick around and follow our blog and Facebook page to find out the winners!

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Spring Race III – Classification System for Pictures

Ready for the last hackathon? We surely hope so. Because this time we have a US $2000 prize that we can’t wait to award! 🙂 That is if you can design a solution that will automatically classify pictures as required below and submit it by next Friday, May 23rd, 24:00.

Before detailing the problem, here’s a short recap for those who are new at this: make sure you read the terms and conditions and follow the steps needed to enter the race. Don’t forget to register your team first using this form.

Classification System for Pictures

Managing pictures is a nightmare. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to locate a particular picture in a very large collection. But this is where you could lend a hand. We need you to dramatically simplify the process by building an automatic classification system. The system should be able to read a collection of pictures and classify them, based on the picture information (Exif and the actual picture content).

Enter the Spring Races


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No Winners in Spring Race II, Bigger Prize in Spring Race III

We’ve evaluated all the apps submitted in the Spring Race II hackathon, but unfortunately none of them solves the problem we proposed. You were supposed to create an app that could identify and score LinkedIn profiles, based on a particular set of provided info. The more the details, the better the match.

Since none of the apps we have received meets the requirements, we cannot appoint a winner in this race. The good news is that the US $1000 prize will be carried over to our last hackathon. Therefore, Spring Race III, which starts Friday May 16th, 15:00, will have a US $2000 prize. And we are very much looking forward to giving away this prize 😉

See you in the last hackathon of the series and may the best app win!

P.S. Please remember that you can always ask questions to better understand the app requirements!

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Spring Race I – Cloud for a Better Life

As announced earlier, Spring Race I starts today. Before heading to the problem, here’s a quick step-by-step reminder.

  1. Read the terms and conditions.
  2. Fill in the form for you and/or your team.
  3. Make sure you have a Bitbucket account.
  4. Stick to the deadline – April 30th, 24:00 GMT+3.
  5. Use this article’s comments area to ask questions, if any.
  6. Push your project to the Bitbucket repository.
  7. Give 4PSA (username 4psa) the right to view your project.

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Get Ready for Spring Races

We hope you made the best of the Easter break and you’re in good shape. 🙂 Because tomorrow we’ll be kicking off Spring Races! All terms and conditions regarding our online hackathon are already available online. For a good start, we recommend that you read them already.

In the meantime, here are a few things we wanted to emphasize for you. For the rest of the information, please refer to the terms and conditions mentioned earlier.


GalleryManager – Winning App in Spring Race III
Spring Race III Winner picks up his award
Spring Race III Winner is announced
Awaiting results for Spring Race III, which ended May 23rd, 24:00 GMT+3
Spring Races III Classification System for Pictures started May 16th, 15:00 GMT+3
No Winners in Spring Race II, Bigger Prize in Spring Race III
Spring Races II Data Mining started May 5th, 15:00 GMT+3
EduSoft – Winning App in Spring Races I
Meet Spring Races I Winners
Spring Races I Cloud for a Better Life ended April 30th, 24:00 GMT+3

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Goodbye Cloud Night! Hello Spring Races!

I’ve never had the experience of an internship. Back when I started, you’d work under somebody’s wing for a week a max and that was it. No real internships. And so, every time we have students in our office, like we did three days ago at Cloud Night, I get slightly curious and envious. 🙂 I wish I had that too. A company that would open their offices just for me, introduce me to its teams, show me what they do, treat me like a professional, pamper me a little bit. And all that for my own growth, which would eventually lead to the company’s growth. Looks like a pretty fair chance to me.

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And The Happy iPad Mini Goes To…

On February 7th, to mark 4PSA’s 12th anniversary, we put out a challenge for all our partners. We asked you to send us a testimonial describing your experience with 4PSA’s products. And many of you responded. A big thank you to all of you! 🙂

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VoipNow SPE 3.0.5 Is Now Available!

We’re glad to announce that VoipNow SPE 3.0.5 is here with new features, functionality improvements, important bug fixes, and security enhancements.

VoipNow SPE now allows users to manage calls more easily. If you have an extension with several DIDs, in a Unified API request you can view which of these DIDs was called. This feature can be used in a UnifiedAPI app to customize call flow based on CalledDID.

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