VoipNow Hosted is Available. But Why?

Some of our partners sent us emails asking why the hell we introduced the VoipNow Hosted. There were a couple of concerns expressed on their emails:

1. we are not a service provider
2. we started to compete them
3. we can offer better services because we make the software

I will try to summarize the answer to all three issues:

1. This is correct, we are not a service provider and we do not want to become one. It is true that our support department offers level 3 support, emergency support, and consulting to a lot of providers, but I think that this is one of our main assets. Usually, software companies do not have a good support, so having such activity recommends us not only from the software perspective.

2. We do not compete with our customers. Our hosted service is a premium one and it was designed to:

  1. provide study material for hosting providers. All the docs created for this service can be “adapted” by our customers on their service. Check this document and this one, the hosted model implemented by us is one of the dozen selling scenarios!
  2. provide a real life evaluation platform for some other “lazy providers” that cannot find ten minutes to setup a VPS with VoipNow
  3. provide a platform for startup providers. I think we can help them better grow their business.
  4. provide a choice to SMB companies that do not work with a provider that offers VoipNow. We will continue to refer them to our customers in most cases.

3. Yes, this is true. But we are improving automations and VoipNow based on the feedback and we do not make private releases. So, all the improvements will be available for all our customers.

I hope that this expresses better the reasons behind the VoipNow Hosted. Guys, the market is huge, I don’t think we are even scratching it. 🙂


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  • Good work, folks. I have been using this service for two weeks (answered to an early launch newsletter) and I am 100% satisfied. I needed this server only to demo a client, as I have two other production servers, but I will keep it.

    Greetings from Germany!

    Kan 16 years ago Reply

  • Also had this from the start – still struggling to get things to work – but I will get there in the end (hopefully!)

    Personally I think it is a great idea, as to my knowledge there is no-one else offering a hosted solution of Voipnow. Not everyone wishes to set up their own server for this.

    Ian 16 years ago Reply

  • Its great work!… I think VoIPnow will improve alot with this direct experience..
    keep it good..

    Matt 16 years ago Reply

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