Verb Days 3, The Wrap Up

Verb Days 3 got us so hooked that we’re already missing it! The 6 teams turned the office space into the perfect collaboration environment and filled the air with their creative vibes. Jokes echoed throughout the day. There were moments of panic when an app wouldn’t work, but also ‘Eureka’ moments when obstacles were defeated. In the end, we had lots of fun and some cool ideas with big potential!

Untitled design (1)

Here’s what they came up with.

  • ThunderWild presented their idea furniApp. With this application, those looking to buy new furniture for their personal homes or work office can virtually recreate the space in order to see how furniture would fit in and what it would look like. Say goodbye to hours spent in the shop or the hassle of returning furniture that does not fit!
  • Long Live Your Family proposed an internal activity called Game of Knowledge – a VoipNow game. To make best use of a break, employees can take a 5-question fun knowledge quizz on VoipNow with their own phone extension. The results are registered and each participant competes with other colleagues for monthly prizes.
  • #padawans worked on improving the work of HR by building the tool  #Automation. The latter automatically updates internal data on (potential) candidates whenever they modify their LinkedIn profile, so that HR doesn’t need to constantly check it.
  • ∞ Infinity worked on integrating Google Calendar with a 4PSA product. The team highlighted the potential of this integration in better organizing the work of various industries, from healthcare, education to SMBs.
  • MIAO noticed that if they could combine the sales team’s CRM with the software engineers’ JIRA, both parties could have a clearer view on clients and their issues. So they set out to build this integration themselves.
  • Finally, WOW & Co. aimed to make mall shopping easier and relevant. Their app – Near Deal – uses Beacon technology that allows users to receive offers whenever they pass by a shop, based on their preferences. No more walking for hours to find the stuff you need! Apparently the team managed to make a good case for their app (presenting how easy it works for the shop owner and the end-user) because they won the majority of the votes!

Check out more pictures here. We ended the 18-hour hackaton in a cheerful mood, and can’t wait for the next edition in 2015. It will be even more awesome!

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  • Great creativity and some good ideas especially the last one.

    Edward Sansom 8 years ago Reply

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