Verb Days 3: Teaser

Just a couple of days left until Christmas and everyone is getting all cozy.

Not at 4PSA though! We’re tuning our focus to the maximum, because it’s Verb Days again!

Verb Days, now at its 3rd edition, is an internal hackaton that we’re hosting every year before the winter holidays. In teams including both tech and non-tech people alike, we spend a full day to create and implement an application of choice. It’s an adventurous process that involves creative thinking, sharing ideas, laughter, coffee, healthy snacks and…coding. Lots of coding!


The event lasts from early morning to midnight, but time flies fast when you’re having fun.

At the end of the day, each team must present a running demo and convince others how awesome their app is. It’s not just coding, it’s also good marketing and presentation skills. 🙂 Everyone competes for the big prize: eternal admiration and a super gift! Well, that’s until the next edition of Verb Days, where even cooler apps will be born.

The teams competing in Verb Days 3 are as follows:

  1. Thunder Wild
  2. Long Live Your Family
  3. #padawans
  4. WOW & Co.
  5. ∞ Infinity
  6. MIAO

This year’s edition is a bit special too: the hackaton welcomes outside guests to join and every team can have a non-Clouder member 🙂

To get a glimpse of what happened last year, check this out.

Curios to follow us in our endeavors at Verb Days 3? We’ll be live blogging tomorrow here and on Facebook. Happy engineering, Clouders!

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