Time for SaaS. 4PSA Integrator 3 Released

We want to let you know that we released 4PSA Integrator 3, the latest update of popular SaaS delivery platform for Plesk. The latest version brings some new things; one of the most important is the simplification of the installation and maintenance process.

The fastest deployment might not sound like a big deal when you have two servers, but when you are dealing with 300 servers, such improvements can lead to important cost savings (and cost savings are very important now in order to remain competitive).

I think that the market will increase focus on SaaS, because as Paul Getty said once, “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it”. I might add “if you are uncertain and you want to buy, think twice” 🙂 With the present economical situation, this looks to be the perfect time for SaaS. And with 4PSA Integrator you can offer CRM, bulletin boards, collaboration, project management, ecommerce applications very easily to your SMB customers.

With 4PSA Integrator 3 hosting companies can easily deploy 4PSA Integrator on servers using the RPM or Virtuozzo EZ templates. This upgrade is available for all customers with a valid SUS.

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