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Onboarding Done Right and the Rise of the Quality of Hire Metric

Onboarding done right. Surprise, it’s a challenge! In fact, a quick peek at employer review websites can tell you a lot about the value of onboarding. Dating is similar. First impressions matter. But that’s the interview. The love affair starts with onboarding.
Onboarding done right leaks when measuring quality of hire. If you’re not HR, quality of hire is a trendy metric to track. While tough to calculate, it does provide valuable insight. It is also a gateway into building a system of metrics on which to plan improvement goals. Quality of hire factors in various items. Indicators such as job performance, ramp-up time, enthusiasm, cultural fit and more. Fear not, we won’t attempt to do a math model of quality of hire.
Onboarding done right

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5 Ways to Foster Intrinsic Motivation at Work

At work, as well as in life, knowing what drives people can help determine where they’re heading. No wonder that HR departments focus so much on why people made certain decisions. After all, intrinsic motivation is the most descriptive element of why people do what they do. This is becoming the utmost determinant of professional success, for several good reasons.
Motivation is more than a way to determine what a person is like. Understanding motivation can help you better cultivate passion and dedication. It can enable you to develop personal and professional meaningfulness. Moreover, it offers contextualization in understanding actors and strategies, pivoting, and repositioning. It provides an exceptional way to develop yourself and others.

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