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Research: Our Web Browsing Habits Have Prehistoric Roots

Humans are very specific in their needs. The less we have to work for something, the more spoiled we become. However, not all of our seemingly arrogant demands are the product of ignorance. The need for control, for example, has been rooted in our subconscious since the Stone Age.

Liraz Margalit, PhD, is resident psychologist at ClickTale. According to Margalit, our need for control has a subconscious impact on everything we do. And that includes web browsing.

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Vivaldi Browser Will Make You Forget About Firefox and Chrome Forever

Aside from phones, web browsers are perhaps our most personal tools. A browser needs to be 100% customizable if you want to make it truly yours, but sadly that’s not the case with the ones available today. Many people sometimes resort to using two browsers to get the best of all worlds. But there is one new contender that promises to live up to everyone’s expectations for the first time in browser history.

Promoted with the tagline, “a browser for our friends,” Vivaldi is the brainchild of former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner. Along with a dedicated engineering team, he achieved what can be considered the most customizable and usable browser yet.

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