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The Productivity Box: Making a Checklist, Checking It Twice

This season is hectic and there’s often no way around it. That mad rush to complete all of your end-of-year tasks while keeping up with holiday parties, office events, and family plans can feel nearly impossible. There’s a house to decorate, gifts to shop for, meals to plan out, and guests to entertain. And that’s on top of your normal workload. How do you balance it all, while holding onto sanity in the process? Let’s follow the magic of the checklist.

The Productivity Box: Making a Checklist and Checking It Twice

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How to Become a Master in Task Management

Everyone is guilty of workplace procrastination from time to time. Whether you’re checking social media or chatting with coworkers, procrastination can be easily abused, and can wreak havoc on your task management, productivity, performance, and even your health.

Become a master in task management

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Three Signs You’re Not Managing Your Calendar Effectively

Our modern American culture glorifies busyness. In fact, the Journal of Consumer Research has found that “Those devoting more time to work and less time to leisure are often viewed as having more status.” But even the most packed schedule is not an automatic sign of productivity. A long to-do list might look impressive at first. However, the number of tasks, deadlines and appointments on your calendar does not always mean those obligations are done with excellence.

Time to manage your calendar effectively

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