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FCC Outlines New Rules for Service Providers Retiring Copper Phone Lines

Photo by Cameron Kirby on Unsplash

The U.S. is ditching copper landlines in favor of IP telephony (about time!), but the FCC is requiring providers to notify customers of such plans three months in advance, as well as supply backup power sources needed in case of an outage. IP telephony has major advantages over legacy phone networks, some of which we will outline in this article.

The regulatory body issued its announcement yesterday, addressing service providers with the following claims:

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Africa Skips Landlines, Goes Straight To Mobility

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The death of fixed phones is near. But there’s one place on the planet where this is more obvious than anywhere else: Africa. Landlines are almost nowhere to be found south of the Sahara desert, while cell phones are anything but scarce,¬†according to the results of a Pew Research Center survey of seven African nations. But despite the cell phone’s increased popularity in Africa, far less people own a smartphone there than in the United States.

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