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How to Learn Faster and Smarter as a Working Adult

Thanks to emerging technology and droves of new graduates, today’s job market is more competitive than ever before. In fact, 78 percent of people said they would consider a job change this year, according to Brightwing Talent Insights Survey Results 2019.

With so many professionals open to making a job change, you’re going to be competing against strong candidates, whether you’re trying to grow in your current position or move into a new one.

How To Learn Faster and Smarter as a Working Adult

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Four Strategies to Enable Peer Learning for Your Employees

When it comes to the professional development of their employees, companies usually come up with elaborate training programs that disrupt the activity, bring appreciated experts to share their knowledge, and follow up with some sort of examination. In doing so, they oversee what might be the most powerful learning tool for employees: learning from each other. Read further to find out why peer learning should be a priority for you and your team, and how to help your employees learn from each other.

Strategies to enable peer learning for your employees

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How to get yourself into lifelong learning

5 Ways to Self-Actualize through Lifelong Learning

Learning for the entire duration of your life might sound crazy. Who would choose to forever go to school? In fact, people think that life starts after school. Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Lifelong learning has little to do with schooling. It has, however, a lot to do with living.
And to a great extent, a healthy, meaningful life is more than memories and great experiences. Rather, a meaningful life is full of lessons and learning. Either lessons that you learn, or lessons that you teach.
How to get yourself into lifelong learning

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How To Help Your Team Grow by Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

We live in fast-paced digital world where change happens at the blink of an eye. The people who will lead us tomorrow are the ones learning how to cope with change today. They do that not only by embracing change, but by continuously learning new things and keeping up to date with their industry’s latest technology and best practices.
Today’s leaders from organizations like yours and ours have to answer a critical question: how to create a work environment that provides the space, dialogue and discipline to grow? We all need to find the way to make our teams get away from the daily grind of what needs to get done, and find the time for learning.

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