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Does Anyone Else Type Like You? Probably Not [Study]

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This weekend I attempted to make a boomerang out of hard timber. It took a lot of carving and grinding, which led to me to cripple a thumb. Not permanently, but enough to make me consider taking a carpentry course the next time I get creative.

Bludgeoning aside, I forcefully bent the nail upwards. It will go black within the week. If you’re making a face it’s probably because you’ve been there. Point is: my thumb is now useless, and will be for days to come.

I’m sharing my stupidity misfortune because it made me realize an amazing thing when I arrived at work the next day: I’d never used this thumb to type on a computer keyboard. How do I know this for a fact? Let me explain.

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Could Keyboards Detect Parkinson’s Disease Earlier?

Few conditions are as ruthless as Parkinson’s Disease. But what makes this one even scarier is that the wheels are set in motion long before the first symptoms emerge – sometimes as early as 10 years in advance.

New research done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) heralds a new diagnosis technique that might help identify early onset of the condition.

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