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2011 Cool Summer Internship Problem 1

Following the 4PSA Cool Summer Internships in Bucharest article, we publish today the first problem. We will have three problems and my feelings are that if you submit at least one correct solution, you will join our team. Of course, feel free to send solutions for all three problems we are going to publish.

We shall start with an architectural problem that targets mainly programmers, but it can also be solved by candidates applying for SQA or Security and Performance profiling positions. You have more than 48 hours to solve it!

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Cool Summer Internships in Bucharest

Summer is going to be hot in Bucharest, Romania. Close to 40 degrees Celsius (104 F), but lots of cool things to do, building the greatest 4PSA product ever. We will have great fun 😉

Do you want to have fun with us, contributing to really neat stuff and in the same time being paid for doing it? We have 12 internship positions for this summer! It is easy to join us, just follow the steps below.

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