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Why It’s Worth Collaborating with Teammates (And How to Do It Productively)

Research at Stanford University found that those collaborating on a certain assignment will tend to persist with the task 64 percent longer than solo workers. This outcome, the study suggests, also leads to more enthusiasm, commitment and intrinsic motivation. And all of these have a notable impact on the success of the organization. 

The purpose of collaboration is to unite a group of people to complete a common objective or goal, in addition to sharing the workload. As such, collaboration is beneficial for employees and managers alike. Learn more about why your team should be collaborating more often and how you can harness these benefits in order to be more productive.  

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Nine Reasons Why Focusing at Work Becomes Difficult (And How to Tackle Them)

We all have moments, or even days, when we find focusing on work more difficult than usual. Sometimes the reasons are obvious, but other times we are stuck wondering what we are doing wrong and what’s happening to us. In this article we are going to explore these less recognizable factors that impair our ability to concentrate and properly accomplish our tasks.

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Six Tips to Get Things Done at Work

Work productivity is a never ending conversation. We all wish we could be more productive and get things done at work. However, this requires effective time management and a strong focus-oriented mindset. The purpose of this article is guiding you to achieving that.
Get things done at work

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7 Smart Ways to Make Yourself Useful During Meetings

Meetings are a buzz killer. Most complaints about office work are about meetings. In fact, meetings seem to be the most dreaded office activity. Potentially, even more disliked than peer reviews and evaluations. Yet, meetings continue to be an apt and necessary way to do work. Otherwise, everyone wouldn’t be so keen on organizing them. Hence, we can only derive that there must be something about meetings that is truly valuable. It’s something that, until now at least, only meetings can provide.
Meetings have been studied, and there are countless publications discussing the matter. What’s so special about meetings? It may have to do with the information exchange. Or it may well be due to the nature of the event. The physical proximity, the sheer presence of teams in the same room. It likely has to do with an interplay of the two.
7 Ways to Be Useful in Meetings

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