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Who Decides What Generation You Are?

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

“Self-absorbed,” “wasteful,” “greedy” and “cynical.” This is basically how Generation Y, otherwise known as Millennials, see themselves today. Not all of them, but a good chunk of the demographic nonetheless.

A study conducted by Pew Research Center with 3,147 adults (who are part of the American Trends Panel) reveals that Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1997 (according to this particular research group) are the most prone to criticize their generation. Basically the only good thing they have to say about themselves is that they are idealistic. So what’s the catch?

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Do You Represent Your Generation? [Infographic]

Are you in it for the money, for the fame, or to change the world? NextGeneration Recruitment has put together a nice infographic that looks at three different generations as tomorrow’s leaders. Right off the bat, Gen-X are described as the best workers, but that’s not always what HR looks for in certain applicants. Sometimes you just want someone who, despite being a little slow, is 100% passionate.

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How 3 Different Generations Use 3 Different Devices Today

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

Millennials will always remember the first time they saw their grandparents operate a PC. Born during or after the personal computer revolution, this generation (aged 18-45 today) consumes the most digital content created today. Baby Boomers and Generation X do too, only differently.

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