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Customers Want Complaints Answered Where They Were Posted

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Funny story: I decided to change my ringtone to a real song by a real band, so I looked up “how to change ringtone on iOS.” I landed on a 1,000-word post that explained the nightmarish process. After decidedly sticking with my stock tunes, I felt like venting a little on Twitter.

Apple has always made it unnecessarily difficult to add and extract files to and from an iOS device, especially ringtones. It has to do with the stronghold on the content routed through iTunes. While it’s fair towards the artists, it’s excruciatingly frustrating for the end user. Surely there’s a way to please both parties. Alas, they’ve yet to implement it

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Facebook M – Possibly The Next Big Step Towards True AI

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AI is the talk of the town these days. Every major tech juggernaut is trying to grasp machine intelligence and Facebook seems to be on a very promising track with an all-new personal assistant called ‘M.’ Unlike Google Now, Cortana, or Siri, Facebook M doesn’t ask you to repeat what you said, nor does it dump a bunch of Internet links on you when the query is too difficult for the algorithms to handle. When it hits a search roadblock, it starts to ask around.

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Research: How We Laugh Online, And The Death Of LOL

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Since emojis started flooding our Internet devices, we’ve adopted new ways of communicating. Whether we’re texting someone, sending an email, or leaving a comment on a site, we somehow can’t escape these giggly yellow faces that say so much with so little. However, there’s an even more popular form of expressing enjoyment online than emojis.

Research done by Facebook – based on a piece by Sarah Larson from The New Yorker – reveals that ‘haha’ is by far the most widely used form of expressing laughter online, followed by emojis (particularly those with tears of joy), ‘hehe,’ and finally ‘lol.’ Here are some numbers extracted by Moira Burke and the Core Data Science team:

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Why We Like, Share and Comment on Facebook

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Admit it, you’re in it for the likes! Otherwise, why would you flood your timeline with photos of sunny beaches and GoPro action? According to researchers, we have our brain’s design to blame for this. Facebook taps the brain’s pleasure center in ways that are easy to understand by psychologists. In effect, it’s not very different from drug addiction.

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Facebook Gives a Blow to Referral-Dependent Businesses

Facebook has announced new changes to the way it maintains your news feed. If you’re a regular folk with a moderate social activity online, the changes are for the best. If you’re a business that heavily relies on referral traffic, buckle up.

The announcement says the changes are meant to better display the content that matters to you. The changes were necessary because people keep posting more and more stuff, and as this content expands, its reach gobbles up under its own heft.

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Quote Of The Day By Sheryl Sandberg

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For about $30 million you can hop aboard a Soyuz spacecraft and admire the vastness of the Cosmos thousands of miles above the Earth atmosphere. By all accounts, space tourism is out of reach for most people, and it’s not getting more affordable any time soon.

While some can’t be bothered to appreciate the grandeur that lies beyond our thin ozone layer, many would give an arm and a leg to go into orbit. Sheryl Sandberg surely is one of them.

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Facebook Launches Fun Video Collaboration App, Riff

As of this year, Facebook decided to maximize the potential of its (our?) content by prioritizing video to make up almost a third of the News Feed. For the first time ever, Facebook videos now exceed the number of YouTube clips shared through the social network. Not the type to rest on their laurels, the Menlo-Park company made another push in the video department this week and released a brand new app called Riff.

Originally developed as a side project by Facebook Creative Labs – the same inventive group who made Slingshot, Paper and Facebook Groups – Riff is here to play catch with Vine, Snapchat, and Hyperlapse. However, unlike other Facebook endeavors, Riff stands to gain some momentum.

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Google I/O 2013 (Or Better Yet 1983)

According to biographers, in the eighties, Steve Jobs was kind of obsessed about IBM. This is one of the reasons for which he approved the famous commercial below, one that was hardly liked by the rest of the directors. It was a bold move, mostly because Steve believed that stopping IBM was his messianic mission.


The truth is that, right now, the world is hundreds of miles closer to 1984 than it ever was in the eighties.

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