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Between Manager and Employee, Feedback Is Everything

Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

Cementing the belief that communication is vital in building and retaining a team, a study conducted by human resources firm SHRM reveals that employees rate their relationship with their immediate supervisor among the top five job satisfaction contributors.

Specifically, 54% of employees in the survey indicated that a good relationship with their team manager or supervisor was “very important” to their job satisfaction. Middle-management cited this aspect more vocally than the executive ranks (probably because the C-suite doesn’t get bossed around as much).

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Smartphones Could Soon Be Able To Heal Their Own Cracked Screens

Photo by asifibhuiya on Pixabay

These days, forgetting your phone at home feels like you’re walking around with your hands tied behind your back. Smartphones have become such an instrumental part of our lives that the very thought of losing or damaging it is terrifying. Perhaps then, it is not surprising that we’re putting considerable effort into preventing these things from happening (i.e. proximity sensors, Find My iPhone, protective bumpers, etc.). However, we may be on the cusp of solving at least one of the problems, all thanks to chemistry.

We’ve long heard of self-repairing backs for smartphones. But a self-repairing cracked screens? If it sounds like a speculative headline on our part, I can assure you it’s not.

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