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Today’s CEO Is Online And Social [Study]

Weber Shandwick is out with the third edition of its audit for the online presence of CEOs from the biggest companies. Socializing Your CEO III: From Marginal to Mainstream offers a great deal of insight into the C-suite and the importance of social networking for aspiring CEOs today.

The PR firm audited a series of sites and platforms to see how CEOs engage socially. Taken as a whole, the study comprises more than four years of research, from 2010 to this day. A “social CEO” will have:

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The Company To Join In Order To Get Rich Fast

Recently, a friend asked me to talk to his son who will soon be a fresh IT graduate. His son received tempting job offers from three companies and he was kind of puzzled as to what company to choose at the start of his career.

After discussing with the young man for about ten minutes, I was a little puzzled myself, because he was not actually looking for advice, but for valid reasons not to join any of those companies.

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