Release Schedule for October

Yes, Automation is 99% completed for the beta release. VoipNow Automation will be included in VoipNow 2.0.4 release and you will be able to activate it with the beta license key:

7 October 2009 – VoipNow Automation public demo
13 October 2009 – VoipNow Professional 2.0.4 release (comes with VoipNow Automation beta)
end of October 2009 – VoipNow Core 4Grid

You heard about VoipNow Automation, but most likely you don’t know what is VoipNow Core. We can only tell you that it’s a solution we have been working at for quite a long time and which is actually used in production by some of our customers. I recommend you to register to this Webinar that will take place on 28 Oct 2009, where you will find out almost everything about VoipNow Core.


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  • Whoohooh!!

    Kerry Denten 15 years ago Reply

  • Hi guys,

    I’m just wondering if you can give us an idea of the process we will need to go through to obtain a license for Automation as soon as the beta is released next week in version 2.0.4.

    Will we simply buy one in the online shop? Will you issue beta licenses to all users? Etc.



    Kerry Denten 15 years ago Reply

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