How To Open A Can In A Zombie Apocalypse

Video games portray the zombie apocalypse as a fun departure from mundane affairs, but if it were to really happen things would probably play out differently. For instance, a seemingly trivial problem like opening a can of food would become a serious issue in the absence of a can opener, or a knife. Luckily someone has imagined this scenario and offered a solution.

CrazyRussianHacker doesn’t need an introduction, but for those of you who don’t keep tabs on the YouTuber’s activity, he’s got quite a few survival tips on offer in an extensive video library. Including how to open a can by simply rubbing it against concrete and then pressing the edges to pop it open. Of course, if you can’t even manage get hold of a knife during a zombie apocalypse, a sealed can of food is the least of your problems.

With over 23 million views under its belt, this video might be familiar to some of you. But it’s still a gem, if only for the priceless cat remark two minutes into the clip. Enjoy!

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