How Much Do You Know About The Internet? Take The Web IQ Quiz

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As part of a broader study focusing on the state of the Internet in America, Pew Research has put together a fun pop quiz that lets you test your knowledge of the web and digital technology in general.

We won’t spoil it for you, but don’t expect anything too fancy. It’s just a rudimentary assessment of people’s understanding of the web – how it started, key moments in its evolution, and the tech leaders who contributed to the way it looks and feels today. It’s fun, even if you’re a complete noob.

You’ll be asked 12 questions, followed by a short demographic query that helps the surveyors gauge the knowledge level in people with different levels of education, male or female, young and old, etc. When you finish, you’ll be shown a couple of charts to see how you stack up against the 1,066 participants in Pew’s live poll. The correct and incorrect answers will be shown as well. So even if you don’t get all of them right, you’ll walk away with some extra baggage of knowledge.

Stay in school

Considering that most of the questions have Yes or No answers, we can’t put too much faith in the accuracy of the numbers. Also worth noting is that 1,066 people isn’t enough to fully evaluate the wits of the United States’ entire online population. However, one thing did stand out, and that was the strong correlation between education and knowledge of the web.

Both men and women provided an equal amount of right and wrong answers, finallty blurring the line between the two fronts when it comes to technology. Even respondents over 50 were well versed in the intricacies of Twitter, or knew the answer to questions like ‘which was the first widely popular graphical Web browser?” (which I personally failed with flying colors). But regardless of gender or age, those with higher studies performed better on average 😉 ‘Nuff said.

Good luck with the Web IQ Quiz!

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